My poor daughter has head lice AGAIN!  Several years ago during an outbreak at school my long haired beauty got head lice.  Those determined bugs would not leave that luxurious head of hair.  We used the normal lice ridding solutions with little success, mayo on her hair nightly and tree oil shampoo.  It’s a wonder that child’s hair didn’t fall out!  After a solid 5 weeks she was lice and nit free! Every night that sweet kid begged me to shave her head and the tears would flow.  I didn’t do it but my heart just broke with every tear.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago!  She said her head itched.  I told her it was all in her head.  She insisted I check that long mane of hair again and lo and behold it wasn’t in her head it was all over her head.  Immediately I started to itch and I haven’t stopped yet.  I’ve treated her hair twice now and they seem to be retreating.  I comb that mop of hair nightly for about 1 1/2 hours to get all the nits I can find.  She’s using tree oil shampoo nightly and hating every minute of this horrible dilemma.

Again I reminded her they love clean hair.  Clean hair is a favorite.  She is mortified regardless of me telling her over and over it has nothing to do with hygiene.  I can attest she’s got to be the cleanest kid in town after daily 40 minute showers! LOL  She is embarrassed to tell her friends so the sleepovers she normally has have been put on hold.  Her sheets are washed daily and her room sanitized over and over!  Yes …I’m itching now! LOL

I’ve checked the heads of all the rest of my kids, my husband and myself  and none of us have them.  I even went as far to treat my own head to make her feel better and still nothing!

My advice to you if you come across this dilemma with your own kids is to treat, comb and comb some more!  Wash those sheets and blankets in hot, hot water.   Put all the stuffed animals in a bag in a cold place like a garage or better yet convince them to throw those dust collectors out!  Use tree tea oil shampoo and tons of hair spray!  Make the poor child wear their hair up and sprayed down till you’re sure it’s over!  Last but not least make sure to hug them over and over!  They feel embarrassed and they are trying to stay away from others….Moms can’t be one of them!

If you have some of  your own trusted remedies feel free to leave them here!